Sanitiser Bracelet with 100ml Hand Sanitiser!

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Description: Sanitiser Bracelet. You only need to add the required liquid and wear it on your wrist, which is convenient and fast, and can be used anytime, anywhere

This Silicone bracelet can hold various liquids, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, etc. Whether traveling to; school, work, restaurant, fitness venues or on the beach this product can be used anywhere at your convenience.

Anti-side leakage design: Very comfortable to wear.

How to wear: Ensure the product is sealed both the wristband outlet and the sharp mouth bottle mouth. Poke the liquid inlet hole with a needle-nose bottle and cut the mouth of the needle-nose bottle with scissors and then complete the injection.

This is a very exquisite fashion gift, very simple and convenient, suitable for many occasions.

Medical grade silicone material, soft and comfortable, high flexibility, no deformation and reusable

Weight: 23grams and holds 10-15ml of hand sanitiser

Minimum order quantity: Please enquire 01727 223 310/

Lead time: 2-3 weeks from artwork approval

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Sanitiser Bracelet with 100ml Hand Sanitiser!

#allinone #branded #staysafe #hygiene #handgel

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