Aqua - Waterproof Earphones
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Aqua - Waterproof Earphones

Aqua – Waterproof Earphones

  • Waterproof solution for extreme water sports
  • Rugged and dependable
  • Prevents surfers ear
  • MOQ: 25 units
  • Prices from: £119.00 includes branding, but excludes fitting and MP3 player
  • Leadtime: 2 weeks

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Create Your Own Custom Made Waterproof Earphones

The custom made waterproof earphones allow you to listen to your favourite music whilst taking part in extreme water sports. The soft medical grade silicone moulds are unique to your ear to ensure the perfect watertight seal. This product is the ultimate gift for surfers and swimmers. Chose from our colour range of blue lavender and red fluorescent to easily separate the left from the right. 

Branding Information

Brands can customise the Aqua earphones with any name and logo. If you don’t have a logo but you have ideas in mind, take a look at our creative services here.