From branded plastic food can lids to personalised stress cat toys, we have a fun range of promotional cat accessories for your customers’ favourite feline. Try out our promotional collapsible pet bowl, made from eco-friendly silicone rubber. These are super convenient, great for travelling with your cat and provide a large area to print your logo.

Our promotional cat accessories put your brand at the centre of your customers’ everyday life. Keep your customers’ floors clean with our branded pet feeder mat, which enables your colour, branding and imagery to be prominent in your customers’ homes and reinforce your corporate logo and message.

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Every cat needs loves to be well groomed – we supply personalised pet hair brushes and branded pet flea combs too. With all that brushing, ensure you check out our promotional pet hair remover rollers, with 5 metres of printed lint roll to remove those unwanted cat hairs from your customers clothes!

We can customise any of our products with a company logo or design. Our printed pet products are perfect for pet shops, veterinary clinics or cat grooming salons.

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