Our wide range of custom picnic and throw blankets contains blankets of all sizes, shapes and colours! Picnic blankets are an excellent tool for brand exposure and promotion. Ensure your recipients have a comfortable, practical product that also displays your branding front and center!

Fleece Blankets

Our blankets are available in various cosy materials, including fleece! Fleece is the most popular material for picnic blankets for good reason – it is soft, lightweight and strong enough to tolerate a little roughness. Nylon, acrylic and polypropylene blankets are also available.

Printed and Embroidered

Our blankets can be branded through several methods. Embroidered throws allow for a truly stylish method of branding, but takes the longest to produce. Embroidered blankets look very premium and are well worth the wait. Unlike prints, embroidered branding will never wash away. Screen printing and transfer printing are the most common form of branding on blankets due to simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Embossing allows for some unique and striking designs.

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