Presenting a clean and tidy bar when displaying your brand logo is vital to convey a professional image. Using custom bar runners, rails and branded bar towels will capture your customers’ attention while they wait to be served, whilst of course, mopping up those drink drips and spills! Here you will find a range of promotional bar runners, branded bar towels, and customisable rubber bar mats to stand out from the crowd.
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These products are available in a range of shapes and sizes, on which we can apply your logo or image to maximise brand exposure at your venue
We have a wide variety of bar runners we can make and source for you, in any material, size, and shape. Our most popular are branded rubber bar runners and rubber bar mats. However, we’re also able to take requests for runners made of unique materials such as leather,  wood, or metals.

Personalised bar runners

All our promotional bar runners are suitable for clubs, pubs, hotels, and restaurants. Take a look at our branded PVC Bar Rail (or ‘Hedgehog Mat’); these are the new generation of bar runners, able to withstand heavy use and easy to clean. Check out our bespoke bar front runner which fits neatly around the bar draught pump. Many of our branded bar runners are 100% recyclable and are offered in a selection of standard or bespoke sizes to meet your budget requirements

Branded bar towels

We offer high-quality branded bar towels in a variety of colours, fabrics and GSMs. Our customisable bar towels are great for cleaning up spillages and reducing condensation on the bottom of a customer’s glass. Check out our woven bar towel made from polyester and microfibre, which offers a highly absorbent and easy to wash design. Full-colour printing is available.

Branded bar mats

Our branded bar mats offer outstanding visibility at the point of purchase for any brand. They tick all the boxes as a long-standing point of sale promotional product – durable, hygienic and easy to clean! A large selection of personalised bar mats on this page are customisable in any way to meet your branding idea.  Don’t worry if you have something special in mind, our creative team can make any idea come true.
We’re particularly proud of the branded LED bar mat with light-up display for your logo. It produces an impressive visual effect. Alternatively, check out our Counter Impressions Mat, the latest innovation in spillage technology. Its wipeable surface and functional, dimpled, recessed design help the containment of liquids.
We think these branded bar runners and towels are the perfect product for promoting your brand at the bar!  Give the team a call on 01727 223 310 or drop us an enquiry so we can run through some ideas for you!
We also have an online store selling custom promotional bar mats in the USA if you are looking for supplies there.

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