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100ml Hand Sanitisers available for immediate delivery

We have stock of 80,000 100ml hand sanitisers

Like many businesses, All in One Marketing have had to adapt to the current climate and consumer needs. Hand Sanitisers are in high demand and needed by every consumer.  Companies looking to return their employees to work will need to consider their welfare more than ever. Which is why we have worked hard with our suppliers to obtain an affordable 100ml hand sanitiser to help keep you, your staff and your clients safe.


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Face Mask & Hand Sanitisers stock ready for delivery

We have in stock in the UK ready for next-day delivery:

70,000 x Medical Grade Type IIR 4-ply face masks, EN 14683:2019 certified

  • ours masks have a 4th layer of non-woven activated carbonated fabric (>98% BFE)
  • unique 3D design for better fitting, giving complete isolation of mouth and nose
  • much more comfortable for all-day wear (having woven elastic ear loops instead of standard elasticated loops which dent the skin)
  • high quality material layers to ensure added breathability and moisture absorption from exhalation (again, for all-day wear)
  • completely fluid resistant, impermeable to liquids and aerosols (check out our video of our water test) and fire resistant.

80,000 x 100ml sanitisers, EN 1276:2009 certified

  • sanitiser gel with aloe extract
  • 75% alcohol
  • Squeezy plastic bottle

CE certificates, Declaration of conformity and inspection reports available on request

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IN STOCK! Branded Hand Sanitisers

Custom printed hand sanitisers are a cost effective and useful promotional item keeping your clients safe from the spread of infection.  Our branded hand sanitisers are easily transportable and make the perfect promotional gift.  If you are looking to bulk order hand sanitisers simply speak to one of our dedicated account managers who will be happy to help.

Effectively killing the germs on your hand, hand sanitiser helps to prevent germs from spreading to those around you.  Our range of hand sanitisers can be branded with your logo or design.

Contact our team today: / 01727 223 310

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Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. Traditionally, it has been treated as a waste. In some countries, farmers burn it, contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. However, these stalks still have value. By using wheat straw in our products, we are diverting material from the waste stream and using a reclaimed resource to make durable, lightweight, and compostable goods. Wheat straw production facilities are also located near wheat fields, to minimize transportation in the supply chain.

We have an extensive range of products made from wheat straw including cups, speakers, USB chargers, and sunglasses. Brand any of these products with your logo because branded is always best! Wheat straw promotional products are a great way to promote your brand whilst helping to protect our environment for the future.

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Copper Bar Accessories, Tools and Cocktail Making Equipment

Copper Bar Accessories. One of the great things about copper is that it can work with many different interior styles and themes. And if there is one reason many bar owners and managers opt for a style of barware, it is usually because it looks good with the decor or fits the theme and style of the bar.

Our copper bar accessories have been designed to provide a premium sheen to your cocktail service. Our range of copper barware gives a unique mixologist presentation on the bar top.



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New Bar Accessories

Just when you think we had covered every possible bar merchandise product, we’ve found even more products to bring you even more variety and unique products!  Whether you’re looking for illuminated ice buckets, branded point of sale products like beer towers, coasters, bottle openers or trays, we have a huge variety and variation on these products.   Bar accessories are some of our most popular product and for good reason, there are huge benefits to putting your logo on bar merchandise.  We have a huge range of price point and cover materials from plastic to copper.


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New Milkshake and Smoothie Glasses Range!

Branded milkshake and smoothie glasses: Get those orders in now for our new milkshake and smoothie glasses.  Your customers in January will be asking for healthy smoothies as they kick start their New Year healthy eating plans!  Check out our new range of glasses here! Brand all of these with your logo because branded is always best!