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The perfect demographic profile for branded merchandise gifts

Branded Merchandise Survey Main Image With Branded Merchandise

Promotional merchandise campaigns are always exciting for both the companies running promotions and for the lucky customers receiving their branded gifts. But how long do these customers keep their branded gifts? What groups of demographics are going to promote your brand the most by keeping your merchandise and using it for longer? 

We did a survey to find out. Some results are very interesting and super useful!  It will help you to understand the behaviour of the general public a little bit more and how you can build the most customer loyalty amongst your target market.

So who is the perfect recipient of branded gifts?

In general, anyone older than 35. One of the answers in the survey was “I don’t throw merch away”, which is a perfect score for any branded items campaign! 21.4% of respondents answered that they keep the merch forever. 

There is an obvious trend visible among the demographic age groups:  the older the demographic, the more likely they will keep their free branded gifts. As you go through each demographic age decade, the % retention rate increases. So we can confidently observe your older customers over 35 will be using your merchandise for longer!

How long will people in the UK typically keep your branded gifts?


Let’s make one thing clear first: 46.39% of the population chose to answer “none of these”, meaning they are not keeping merch for even a few hours. They are not interested in merchandise. There are no clear leaders by age, but males are twice more likely not to be interested in branded merchandise at all.

Now let’s move on to the interesting part: if people decide to keep your merchandise, most of them will keep it for a long time! 

  • 21.43% of respondents said they don’t throw out free branded merchandise.
  • 13.62% will keep it for more than a few months
  • 7.75% will keep it for a few years!
  • 2.73% will keep merch for few weeks
  • 2.57% will keep for few hours
  • 46.4% don’t interact with merch

This is a great result, if your merchandise is meeting their quality expectations and people decide to keep it, 60.66% of them will keep it for a few years or longer! If this is happening this shows great value for money for brand managers.

Free Merchandise Gifts Survey Stats Bars


What types of branded merchandise products will be kept the longest?

After seeing such positive results, we then asked ourselves which merchandise products do people love to keep for the longest. To find out we’ve done one more survey. We asked what type of free merchandise people keep the longest. A clear winner here is the branded clothing category with 26.7% of respondents saying they keep branded clothing merchandise longer than anything else. This is great news to all brand managers, as clothing is easily one of the best categories to promote thanks to a high visibility of branding and wide circulation of the brand logo or brand message. 

The second position is held by branded stationery (pens, rulers, sharpeners, etc), which will be kept the longest by 18.9% according to participants of the survey. An interesting fact about this category is that respondents by age are split very evenly. Every age group loves branded stationery! This is the only place where all age groups agree evenly, though, more about this below.

Branded cups or mugs are in third place with a share of 8.9%, followed by branded accessories such as keyrings and USB sticks in fourth place with 8.1% share.

Branded water bottles are in fifth place, receiving 7.3% of support from the British audience. And branded notebooks are in last place (6th) with 4.4%.


Which type of products are suitable for which demographic group?

As mentioned above, different demographics often like different types of merchandise. Let’s take a look at each type of product in the survey by age and gender.

What type of free merchandise do you keep longest? Survey results by age

Branded clothing (26.7% of total) 

Your efforts when promoting your branded clothing will likely provide the best results if you target people aged from 18 to 24 (the “Generation Z”). This age group holds a staggering 51.5% of people who are likely to keep branded clothing longer than any other type of merchandise. So give free branded clothes to Generation Z and they will repay you in promoting your brand!

The 18 – 34 age group together hold 70.3% of total votes from respondents that keep branded clothing longer than any other merchandise. This clearly is the best target age group audience for promotional clothing merchandise campaigns. Anyone from 55 and above are less likely to keep branded clothes longer than other types of merchandise.

The branded clothing category clearly dominated by female representatives, as 68.7% chose this category versus 31.3% of males. 

Therefore we can confidently say the optimal target audience for branded promotional clothing campaigns are the Millennial and Gen Z females, aged between 18 and 34 years old.


Branded stationery (pens etc) (18.9% of total)

Very evenly distributed votes by all age groups: all age groups and genders like branded stationery.

Branded cups and mugs (8.9% of total)

The 35 – 54 year old age group are most likely (67.5%) to keep branded cups and mugs for the longest amount of time. An interesting finding here is that this category was chosen by more males (64.5%) than females (35.5%).

Branded accessories (USB sticks, keyrings) (8.1% of total)

Branded accessories are much more liked by people from 35 to 54, together holding 70.4%. Males (73.4%) clearly like branded accessories way more than females.


Branded water bottles (7.3% of total)

Likely to be related to a healthy lifestyle, branded water bottles are appreciated by both males and females. Anyone from 25 to 64 is going to keep branded water bottles for a long time.

Branded notebooks (4.4% of total)  

Promotional notebooks are going to be kept longest by people from 25 to 64 years old. Males are dominating this category, holding 83.4%.



When you are running a promotional campaign with free branded gifts, it is important to do market research beforehand to ensure you target the right demographic audience with the right product and therefore be able to maximise your ROI.

Having this data will help you to avoid crucial mistakes, from giving away too many products to the wrong demographic – they might accept your gifts out of politeness, but statistically, they won’t keep it for a long time.

Have questions related to your next campaign? Need advice? Contact our team, we are always there to help you.

Details About the surveys:


Survey One: When you receive free branded merchandise (pens, lanyards, T-shirts, etc), for how long do you keep it?


We asked 138 respondents living in the UK, to answer a question for how long they keep free branded merchandise since they receive it.




49.9% of people surveyed are female and 50.1% male. All adults age groups were included, with the percentage as follows:


18-24: 15.7%

25-34: 18.8%

35-44: 18.2%
45-54: 19.3%
55-64: 14.9%

65+: 13.1%


Geographical area

England: 127 respondents

Scotland: 26 respondents

Wales: 14 respondents

Northern Ireland: 12 respondents



This survey has RMSE score of 5.8%.


Survey two: What type of free merchandise do you keep longest?

We asked 133 respondents in the UK what type of free merch they keep the longest.



34.6% of people surveyed are female and 65.4% male. All adults age groups were included, with the percentage as follows:



18-24: 15.7%

25-34: 16.3%

35-44: 17.6%
45-54: 23.5%
55-64: 17.6%

65+: 20.9% 


Geographical area

England: 96 respondents

Scotland: 25 respondents

Wales: 11 respondents

Northern Ireland: 1 respondent



This survey has RMSE score of 8.9%.

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Types of glass personalisation explained

Prints on Glasses Examples

Wondering how to customise your printed glassware? Want to know your printing options? We have prepared this guide so you can make the right choice when planning to promote your brand on glasses.


Silkscreen Printing Example

This is a proven printing process in which the colours get printed through a fine-meshed fabric with a rubber squeegee. Each colour gets printed with its own stencil and thus in high-quality full tones. For direct printing and decal decoration, high-quality colour systems get used. The ceramic decoration requires a firing process in which the colours melt with the surface. Depending on the material, temperatures during firing will reach between 580 to 800 degrees Celsius. Organic colours offer brilliant shades and are free of heavy metals. These colours get applied to the item by UV light and special heat treatment. This innovative colour system can even decorate toughened safety glass.



Silkscreen direct printing example

This method sees decoration directly applied to glassware using a printing process that offers up to eight colours. It’s particularly cost-effective for large print runs.



Decal On Glass Example

Decal is the method used for special printing requirements. Typical examples are photo-realistic logos, complex geometrical shapes and handle decorations. Other examples include decoration over edges, full-surface decorations or small multicoloured batches. The Decal process to the glass print is hand applied. Decals will print similar to your colour specifications or as a four-colour printing (CMYK) as part of a gang sheet process.


Halftone Printing

Halftone Printing Example

Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery using dots. These dots vary either in size or in spacing, thus generating a gradient-like effect. Halftone can also refer to the image that gets produced by this process.


Flexi Print

Flexi Print Example

Flexi Print is a digital printing process suitable for almost all types of glasses. The method offers colourful, detailed and high-quality printing and an extended decoration area. Flexi print is suitable for Photorealistic motifs and personalisations. Small production runs are possible at manageable initial costs.


Premium Print

Premium Print On Glass Example

A transfer ribbon gets used to apply a four-colour print. Ideal for photorealistic images with high colour and contract. Available in glossy and matt finishes.


Etched white

Etched White Example

This process offers a cheaper alternative to engraving. Since it is a direct print, your logo will still have a homogenous print image with high edge definition. Etched white can get combined with other print methods and it’s ideal for small print runs.


Flock Print

Flock Print Example

Your logo will stand out through the use of high-quality, velvety soft flock fibres. Flock Print can get implemented in one colour and with a minimum line thickness of 2 to 3 mm. Multicoloured decorations in combination with silkscreen-direct-printing are also possible.



Galaxy Print On Glass Example

This special coating technique is possible on glass articles. The inside shines in radiant silver and the outside can get coated with a colour of your choice. Additionally, the glass can get imprinted inside or outside.


Satin Finish

Satin Finish Example

By using a special surface treatment, glasses can obtain a milky/mat/frosted appearance. It is absolutely dishwasher safe and the satin finish can get combined with other decoration methods.



Glossy Glass Branding Example

This method which uses frosted glass creates a discreet and distinguished look. By removing the satin finish at the desired areas, your logo appears in clear glass. Glossy can be combined with other printing processes.


Sparking Point

Sparking Point Example

Enhancing the optical impression of champagne by drilling a ‘sparkling point’, this method makes bubbly and other fizzy drinks appear to sparkle stronger and longer. It is a little known secret that this method is often used when ordering promotional Champagne flutes.



Embossed Glass Example

This method enables your logo to get embossed on glass and porcelain items. The effect gets enhanced by using different surface finishes such as Colour Dust or frosted glass.


Precious Metal

Precious Metal Print On Glass Example

Real gold or silver can be printed. In one colour or in combination with other ceramic colours. Compared with the standard colour range, precious metals are only partially dishwasher proof.



Metallic Print On Glass Example

This is a substitute for Precious Metals. It is much cheaper and has good dishwasher resistance.



Painty Glass Finish Example

Children will love this type of branding because they can paint your logo or image with coloured pens. We recommend printing the surface in white or etched to achieve the necessary contrast for the pens. Wash off the colours and paint the glass all over again!



Example of Glass Finish For Milk, Juices

Milk or other juices can be a part of your logo by changing the colour of the background when poured into the glass. White areas are lithographically omitted so that the entire logo becomes visible when the drink gets poured into the glass.


Window Effect

Window Effect Branded Glass Example

This is a clever method. When a liquid is poured into the glass, the printing will appear larger while creating a 3D effect


Toughened Glass For Hot Drinks

Toughened Glass For Hot Drinks Example

Drinking glassware and glass cups can have a thermal treatment applied to them. This treatment achieves a robust finish so the glasses can withstand heat and are suitable for hot drinks. One or multi colours are available.

Do you know what type of printing or glass finish you want? Browse all glassware or contact our team for advice.

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Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. Traditionally, it has been treated as a waste. In some countries, farmers burn it, contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. However, these stalks still have value. By using wheat straw in our products, we are diverting material from the waste stream and using a reclaimed resource to make durable, lightweight, and compostable goods. Wheat straw production facilities are also located near wheat fields, to minimize transportation in the supply chain.

We have an extensive range of products made from wheat straw including cups, speakers, USB chargers, and sunglasses. Brand any of these products with your logo because branded is always best! Wheat straw promotional products are a great way to promote your brand whilst helping to protect our environment for the future.

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Copper Bar Accessories, Tools and Cocktail Making Equipment

Copper Bar Accessories. One of the great things about copper is that it can work with many different interior styles and themes. And if there is one reason many bar owners and managers opt for a style of barware, it is usually because it looks good with the decor or fits the theme and style of the bar.

Our copper bar accessories have been designed to provide a premium sheen to your cocktail service. Our range of copper barware gives a unique mixologist presentation on the bar top.



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New Bar Accessories

Just when you think we had covered every possible bar merchandise product, we’ve found even more products to bring you even more variety and unique products!  Whether you’re looking for illuminated ice buckets, branded point of sale products like beer towers, coasters, bottle openers or trays, we have a huge variety and variation on these products.   Bar accessories are some of our most popular product and for good reason, there are huge benefits to putting your logo on bar merchandise.  We have a huge range of price point and cover materials from plastic to copper.


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New Milkshake and Smoothie Glasses Range!

Branded milkshake and smoothie glasses: Get those orders in now for our new milkshake and smoothie glasses.  Your customers in January will be asking for healthy smoothies as they kick start their New Year healthy eating plans!  Check out our new range of glasses here! Brand all of these with your logo because branded is always best!