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How to Choose the Perfect Bar Runner

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Bar mats and runners are essentials for any bar, pub or club. A branded bar runner is an exceedingly useful promotional tool – when patrons are chatting at the bar, a well-designed mat is sure to catch their eye. It’s only natural that more hospitality venues are seeking to design their own promotional bar runners.

There are many different types of runners and mats available, so it can be rather daunting to begin looking at choosing one. This list will note the most prominent and popular bar runners and explain what makes them different, helping you to make the right choice for your own business!

Premium Bordered Bar Runner

Premium Bordered Bar Runner

The premium bordered bar runner is the quintessential modern bar mat. With a knitted polyester surface for absorbing spillages and a nitrile backing for grip, it’s no wonder that the bordered bar runner has become so popular. One of the main benefits of this runner is its price effectiveness, offering premium quality for extremely competitive pricing.

Absorbent, durable, and hardwearing, the premium bordered bar runner is one of the most longstanding promotional favourite for bars.


Woven Bar Towel

Woven Bar Towels Woven bar towels are the classic bar topper. Composed of fabric, these towels are ultra-absorbent to deal with spills. Additionally, the main distinction for these classic towels is their ability to be used as a regular towel for cleaning other messes. Like the bordered runner, bar towels are cost-effective options for bar tops.

Bar towels are absorbent, cost-effective, and double as a traditional towel for cleaning any spills.




Drip Tray

branded drip tray Drip trays such as this long stainless steel drip tray are not technically bar runners but can serve similar purposes. These trays often feature inserts between two steel surfaces in order to catch spillages. This allows for easy cleaning of your trays and provides a handy area for pouring drinks without worrying.

Drip trays are sturdy and easy to clean, providing a handy space for catching any spills!





Premium Rubber Bar Runner

Premium PVC Rubber Bar Runner

The premium rubber bar runner is one of the most striking mats available. If you’re looking to go all out when setting up your bar, these could be the perfect choice. This rubber bar runner is sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. These custom-made mats are also known as “hedgehog mats” due to their unique design.

The rubber bar runner is an utterly gorgeous mat that offers a completely bespoke mold.




Rubber Bar Mat with Stainless Steel Frame

Rubber Bar Mat with Stainless Steel Frame These bar runners offer a middle ground between the premium rubber bar runners and drip trays. With a sturdy hedgehog mat interior and a steel frame on the exterior, these runners offer the best of both worlds. The rubber mat provides grip and a removable layer for easy cleaning while the frame grants additional sturdiness and catches condensation and overflow from spillages

Durable and easy to clean, the rubber bar mat with stainless steel frame offers a unique hybrid between two popular choices.





Whatever bar runner you feel is right for you, we can provide! If you need any help making your choice, we’re here to help! We’re able to produce almost any promotional barware imaginable. The only limit is your imagination! Contact us today to find out how we can help you create some truly unique promotional merchandise.

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Limited Edition Beer Glasses

limited edition beer glasses

Bespoke merchandise is well known as the most powerful and effective form of promotional merchandise. Unique, stylish beer glasses are certain to turn heads towards your brand. Your own promotional products can be handcrafted to fulfil whatever roles you desire. This freedom allows for the creation of a wide range of bespoke products with many different purposes – enter limited edition merchandise!

Limited edition merchandise can do something new and exciting while still remaining authentic to your brand’s core identity and values. Whether it’s a bold new design or a surprising collaboration, limited runs allow for flexibility with your marketing efforts. One of the most effective and popular forms of limited merchandise comes in the form of limited edition beer glasses.

How popular are limited edition beer glasses?

The market reacts to limited edition campaigns very predictably. Customers will want to rush to become one of the lucky few to own an exclusive glass by their favourite brand. It’s human nature to be drawn to that which stands out, and even those outside of your core customer base may have their interest piqued. The demand for exclusive beer glasses can be seen in the collector’s market.


Asahi Limited Edition glasses

Commemorative glasses are a common form of limited edition glass, and are highly sought after as keepsakes. Asahi’s commemorative Tokyo 2020 beer mugs are just one example of this phenomenon, and still a beloved piece of glassware.

Duvel Limited Edition Glass

On the collaboration front, this Duvel glass boasts a limited edition design from artist Mike Perry. This striking piece is an exclusive that marries both the customer bases of Duvel and Perry – all while creating cross-promotion between these two brands.

Budweiser limited edition christmas tankard

Seasonal glassware is another prominent form of limited edition glasses. Special glasses can be created for virtually any holiday and will often be kept and re-used year after year!

Making a difference

Additionally, limited edition glasses can be used to help a good cause. Stella Artois produced limited edition chalices in association with For every limited edition beer glass sold, Stella Artois donated 5 years of clean drinking water to someone in the developing world.

Stella Artois Box Image

These striking glasses became ever more desireable. Customers sought the unique glassware due to its appealing design and status as a limited run product, but also to play their part in a charity campaign that had already done so much good. Limited edition glassware is a flexible promotional tool capable of doing good for the wider community as well as your company.

Stella Artois Limited Edition Glass Charity Visual

Video Screenshot of Matt Damon speaking about Stella Artois Glass and collaboration

What do we provide?

Here at All In One Marketing, we provide completely bespoke glassware services. We’re able to produce almost any design you can think of! While limited edition beer glasses may be some of the most popular examples of bespoke glasses, this is in no way the limit. We can create bespoke gin, wine, champagne, whisky, or any other glasses you require!

When organising your next limited edition glass campaign, contact us here! We’ll be more than happy to help with any and all stages of the design process.

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Bespoke Packaging

Bespoke Packaging

The effectiveness of bespoke promotional products is well documented. Consumers feel particularly appreciated when receiving specially designed products. In addition, brands are able to create products that perfectly encapsulate their core values and image. Promotional merchandise of any kind is one of the most powerful promotional tools imaginable.

One aspect of merchandising that is often overlooked is that of packaging. Packaging is the first thing that people will see when receiving your merchandise, and first impressions matter! Despite the saying, most people certainly do judge a book by its cover. The answer to this challenge is bespoke packaging.

First impressions count

The packaging containing your merchandise can often tell a recipient as much about your company as the product can! The character and style of your brand can be presented perfectly through your packaging. Bright, vibrant colours and unconventional shapes can convey a quirky, happy feeling. Dark colours such as black and grey can convey maturity and elegance. Any graphic designer will be able to tell you how much influence colours and shapes can have over emotion.

What do you want recipients to think of your brand and your product? How do you want them to feel? Is your product practical or a luxury? Consider questions like these when designing your packaging.

Bespoke packaging

Bespoke packaging types

Beyond cosmetic designs, there are many different types and styles of packaging to choose from. E-commerce packaging provides durability during shipment. This style keeps products safe and secure during transit while also keeping size down. After all, it will likely need to fit through a letterbox! Bespoke E-commerce packaging is designed to be appealing, compact and to show off the brand’s own unique style. It is especially important that this style of package looks good, as you’ll also be advertising to every postman who handles it along the way!

Packaging boxes and folding cartons are rather standard affair – and for good reason. These reliable cardboard packages are simple and cost-effective, while still capable of looking great. Not concerned with being compact or sizeable, they are large enough to fit whatever they need to. Bags are usually made of paper or card, and are extremely effective as promotional gifts or for use in stores. Recipients will advertise your store after making a purchase if your bag is branded effectively.

Product packaging is used for, what else, packaging products! This style of packaging will often have the most amount of thought put into it, as it will often be intended to encourage a sale. In addition, this type of packaging is also used for promotional gifts to improve their impact. Food packaging is produced with extra consideration to size, as food will compete for shelf space with similar products.

Last but not least is premium packaging – packaging of lavish material or complex design reserved for the most important of campaigns. Premium packaging can be in any of the previous styles, but is always far more extravagant. You’ll know when it’s time for premium!

We can help!

At All In One Merchandising we offer an extensive bespoke packaging service. Our team will give you any advice or guidance you need when planning your design. We aim to always go for recycled (and recyclable) options when sourcing materials for our packaging. We always want to go green, and other companies concur!

If you’re looking for bespoke packaging, contact us today! We are always happy to help.


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The Power of Bespoke Merchandise

The power of bespoke merchandise header

Promotional merchandise is the undisputed king of marketing. Chances are there is at least one promotional product within your home at this exact moment! Perhaps that is the greatest strength of promotional merch – it places your brand within the daily lives of your customers. People are almost always happy to receive freebies if they’re practical, stylish or fun. What’s more, merchandising is far less invasive than other forms of advertising. According to statistics collected by Industry Today, 8 out of 10 consumers enjoy receiving merchandise while 7 out of 10 find online advertising a bother.

Our own surveys corroborate this rosy outlook, showing that 1 in 5 people will keep branded merchandise indefinitely! If the piece of merchandise being kept is something useful in everyday life, it’s a continuous reminder of your brand to the recipient and anybody else within the vicinity. This is exactly why promotional clothing is so popular! The data is clear, and perfectly illustrates the sheer power of promotional merchandise for any brand.

Bespoke products

Is bespoke merchandise all the same?

So, does it matter what sort of merchandise you use? In short, yes. All merch is not created equal! This brings us nicely to our main topic – bespoke merchandise. Bespoke merchandise are products designed from scratch for your promotional endeavours, rather than sourcing merchandise and customising it. Sourcing products is an incredibly effective method of merchandising, but sometimes you need something more!

Bespoke products give you the opportunity to express the values of your business in a truly unique way. These items have a more personal touch, and make consumers feel ever more appreciated. This also provides the opportunity to create products specific to your sector and to focus on items that will receive the most use. Finally, consumers will feel like the merchandise has more value as they own a unique product designed specifically for them!

Is bespoke packaging important?

When designing your bespoke products, it is always integral to consider packaging. Packaging is the first thing that recipients will see when receiving your merchandise, so it is important to make a good first impression. Designing bespoke packaging in tandem with your product is highly advisable. Just as with your merchandise, packaging should convey your brand’s values and core ideals. Is your brand fun? Quirky? Mature? Recipients should be able to tell from their first glance at your merch’s packaging!

Though often overlooked, bespoke packaging is an invaluable tool. Which would you rather receive a gift in? A blank cardboard box, or a sleek, expertly designed container that perfectly shows off the product within?

What products should you choose?

When beginning work on bespoke merchandise, there is no universal choice for what kind of product to choose. Every brand is different, and something as simple as which industry you operate in will likely influence your decision. For example, if you run a bar then bespoke glassware is an obvious option. Unique and stylish glasses will always see use by consumers. What’s more, outside of giveaways these glasses can see use in your bar, providing extra flair to the experience of patrons.

There do exist some more general options for bespoke merchandise, clothing can be a very effective choice for a wide range of brands and industries, providing the target audience is likely to wear it. Our research showed that 70% of 18-34 year olds will keep promotional clothing longer than any other type of merch, so keep this in mind if your customers are primarily within this age bracket! If you need any help or advice with choosing or designing your bespoke merchandise, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can produce practically any form of bespoke products you can imagine, and we are always here to help.


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Branded Eco Serving Trays

Header image for branded eco serving trays article

In the modern day it has become far more common for the British public to eat meals on their sofa as opposed to at the dining table. This behavioural shift has likely been influenced by the increased prominence of streaming services such as Netflix. Enter the serving tray! This new eating habit has created a demand for trays to ease the practice of eating dinner in front of the telly. Here’s why our eco serving trays are the perfect promotional product.

Practical and green

Most available trays are made entirely of plastic, creating a notable problem of spills and slippages. Our eco serving trays suffer no such issues. One segment of the tray is composed of cork, creating extra friction and preventing spilled drinks! This cork section provides some truly impressive grip.

Eco serving tray grip

In addition, (and as the name suggests!) the eco serving tray is environmentally friendly. These trays are produced from pressed wood as opposed to plastic.  Manufactured under strict food safety standards, no solvents or water are utilised during production of these wooden serving trays. This product is both lightweight and dishwasher safe!

Serving trays represent an invaluable marketing opportunity. These products will be used whenever recipients choose to eat on their sofas – and as this practice is becoming ever more popular, that could even be daily! Both the front and back of our eco serving trays are customisable with any logo or branding you desire. Associating your brand with something as essential as eating dinner is an excellent way to build both brand awareness and familiarity.

Interested in your own eco serving tray with a bespoke design? We can help. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team. We are here to assist development of your designs and bring them to life! Why not also take a look at our other promotional food and drink trays or eco tableware?




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Branding on Dog Bag Dispensers

header image for dog bag dispenser article - simple

With the current petrol crisis it has become harder than ever to travel by car. If you can’t drive there, why not walk? And take your furry friend along for the trip! Our dog bag dispensers are an integral part of any dog walk. Dog poo bag holders have become increasingly common among owners, gone are the days of simply stuffing an assortment of bags in your pocket as you rush out of the door – and rush people have. In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the public have embraced the outdoors more than ever before.

Poo bag holders provide an easy to use method of both storing and using doggy bags. Simply unzip the dispenser, place the desired amount of bags inside and pull them through the designated gap. Bags can then be easily removed from the dispenser at will. The bags themselves are just as important as the dispenser they’re stored in. We offer various kinds of biodegradable pet waste bags to suit every need.

Marketing Potential

Dog bag dispensers and bags


But what kind of potential lies in marketing with these products? As these items are so essential for pet owners, you can be sure that they will receive near daily use. Every time your recipient takes their dog for a walk, they’ll be reminded of your brand as they gather their supplies. They will likely associate your brand with spending quality time with their pet. In addition, dog owners often tend to be just as sociable as their four-legged companions! Dog walkers will often chat with each other as their pets play, and the subject of conversation will almost always begin with their shared interest of dogs – their own breeds, their favourite toys and their invaluable supplies.

It’s clear that dog poo bag dispensers represent a surprisingly effective marketing opportunity. Here at All In One Merchandising we offer many customisation options to help you craft your ideal promotional merchandise. Our pet dispensers are customisable with your own logo, branding or design and are available in a wide range of different colours. What’s more, we offer customisable doggy bags as well! Bags can also be branded with a design of your choice, and are available in a variety of colours.

Two dog poo bags



If you have been looking for a new and innovative way to market your pet shop, groomers or veterinary practice, give us a call. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry and help you craft your ideal merchandise. If pet dispensers aren’t quite what you’re looking for, why not browse our vast catalogue of branded pet products? We look forward to hearing from you!

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New paper cup technologies a major boost for recycling

New paper cup technologies a major boost for recycling

Did you know that more than nine out of 10 paper cups sent for recycling end up in landfill or the incinerator?   

Why? Because despite appearing “green”, most traditional paper cups are difficult to recycle because of a plastic (Polyethylene) coating designed to hold them together and stop them from leaking. 

Although the plastic can be removed, many recyclers are loathed to do so. The reason?  The cups must be collected and processed separately from established recycling streams, and while this can and does happen it all adds to the cost of the recycled material, so making the process uncompetitive for manufacturers.

The result is that countless millions of paper cups a year around the world are rejected for recycling. They are either burned or put into landfills – and this is why recycling rates across the globe remain so low. 

An unwanted by-product of disposable paper cups

It is estimated that in the UK, only one in 400 disposable cups is recycled. One unwanted by-product of this is the creation of 152,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. The same emission as 33,300 cars.
The problem is fuelled by a lack of consumer understanding. As many as three out of four people wrongly believe that these plastic-coated cups can be recycled. And as things stand today, according to the World Wildlife Fund it is only set to get worse with the growth of disposable cups set to grow in the UK by 33 per cent by 2030. 

What then is the answer? Although dedicated recycling schemes have had some success, the solution boils down to simple economics. The only true way forward is for cups that can go straight into pre-separated recycling streams.

Over the last few years, a new generation of paper “eco” cups has emerged that is not laminated with plastic. Instead, they are coated with a water-based barrier or with a mineralized resin blend.

Both are strong enough to keep the cups together while being used but the key advantage is that they can be recycled directly with ordinary paper and board waste.

Branded Paper Cups All Sizes

A comment from All In One Merchandise

Damien Ellis, managing director of All In One Merchandise, said: “These technologies are a real game-changer. For no longer do we have to accept paper cups that cannot be recycled. The environmental benefits are simply staggering.

“As a direct replacement for traditional single-use cups, they are ideal for use in a huge variety of environments. From schools to canteens, offices to gyms, not to mention all kinds of events. The list goes on and on.

“An added advantage for businesses is that they can demonstrate to users, through clear content messaging on the cups, their full commitment to the drive to a more sustainable future in foodservice and general packaging.

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The perfect demographic profile for branded merchandise gifts

Branded Merchandise Survey Main Image With Branded Merchandise

Promotional merchandise campaigns are always exciting for both the companies running promotions and for the lucky customers receiving their branded gifts. But how long do these customers keep their branded gifts? What groups of demographics are going to promote your brand the most by keeping your merchandise and using it for longer? 

We did a survey to find out. Some results are very interesting and super useful!  It will help you to understand the behaviour of the general public a little bit more and how you can build the most customer loyalty amongst your target market.

So who is the perfect recipient of branded gifts?

In general, anyone older than 35. One of the answers in the survey was “I don’t throw merch away”, which is a perfect score for any branded items campaign! 21.4% of respondents answered that they keep the merch forever. 

There is an obvious trend visible among the demographic age groups:  the older the demographic, the more likely they will keep their free branded gifts. As you go through each demographic age decade, the % retention rate increases. So we can confidently observe your older customers over 35 will be using your merchandise for longer!

How long will people in the UK typically keep your branded gifts?


Let’s make one thing clear first: 46.39% of the population chose to answer “none of these”, meaning they are not keeping merch for even a few hours. They are not interested in merchandise. There are no clear leaders by age, but males are twice more likely not to be interested in branded merchandise at all.

Now let’s move on to the interesting part: if people decide to keep your merchandise, most of them will keep it for a long time! 

  • 21.43% of respondents said they don’t throw out free branded merchandise.
  • 13.62% will keep it for more than a few months
  • 7.75% will keep it for a few years!
  • 2.73% will keep merch for few weeks
  • 2.57% will keep for few hours
  • 46.4% don’t interact with merch

This is a great result, if your merchandise is meeting their quality expectations and people decide to keep it, 60.66% of them will keep it for a few years or longer! If this is happening this shows great value for money for brand managers.

Free Merchandise Gifts Survey Stats Bars


What types of branded merchandise products will be kept the longest?

After seeing such positive results, we then asked ourselves which merchandise products do people love to keep for the longest. To find out we’ve done one more survey. We asked what type of free merchandise people keep the longest. A clear winner here is the branded clothing category with 26.7% of respondents saying they keep branded clothing merchandise longer than anything else. This is great news to all brand managers, as clothing is easily one of the best categories to promote thanks to a high visibility of branding and wide circulation of the brand logo or brand message. 

The second position is held by branded stationery (pens, rulers, sharpeners, etc), which will be kept the longest by 18.9% according to participants of the survey. An interesting fact about this category is that respondents by age are split very evenly. Every age group loves branded stationery! This is the only place where all age groups agree evenly, though, more about this below.

Branded cups or mugs are in third place with a share of 8.9%, followed by branded accessories such as keyrings and USB sticks in fourth place with 8.1% share.

Branded water bottles are in fifth place, receiving 7.3% of support from the British audience. And branded notebooks are in last place (6th) with 4.4%.


Which type of products are suitable for which demographic group?

As mentioned above, different demographics often like different types of merchandise. Let’s take a look at each type of product in the survey by age and gender.

What type of free merchandise do you keep longest? Survey results by age

Branded clothing (26.7% of total) 

Your efforts when promoting your branded clothing will likely provide the best results if you target people aged from 18 to 24 (the “Generation Z”). This age group holds a staggering 51.5% of people who are likely to keep branded clothing longer than any other type of merchandise. So give free branded clothes to Generation Z and they will repay you in promoting your brand!

The 18 – 34 age group together hold 70.3% of total votes from respondents that keep branded clothing longer than any other merchandise. This clearly is the best target age group audience for promotional clothing merchandise campaigns. Anyone from 55 and above are less likely to keep branded clothes longer than other types of merchandise.

The branded clothing category clearly dominated by female representatives, as 68.7% chose this category versus 31.3% of males. 

Therefore we can confidently say the optimal target audience for branded promotional clothing campaigns are the Millennial and Gen Z females, aged between 18 and 34 years old.


Branded stationery (pens etc) (18.9% of total)

Very evenly distributed votes by all age groups: all age groups and genders like branded stationery.

Branded cups and mugs (8.9% of total)

The 35 – 54 year old age group are most likely (67.5%) to keep branded cups and mugs for the longest amount of time. An interesting finding here is that this category was chosen by more males (64.5%) than females (35.5%).

Branded accessories (USB sticks, keyrings) (8.1% of total)

Branded accessories are much more liked by people from 35 to 54, together holding 70.4%. Males (73.4%) clearly like branded accessories way more than females.


Branded water bottles (7.3% of total)

Likely to be related to a healthy lifestyle, branded water bottles are appreciated by both males and females. Anyone from 25 to 64 is going to keep branded water bottles for a long time.

Branded notebooks (4.4% of total)  

Promotional notebooks are going to be kept longest by people from 25 to 64 years old. Males are dominating this category, holding 83.4%.



When you are running a promotional campaign with free branded gifts, it is important to do market research beforehand to ensure you target the right demographic audience with the right product and therefore be able to maximise your ROI.

Having this data will help you to avoid crucial mistakes, from giving away too many products to the wrong demographic – they might accept your gifts out of politeness, but statistically, they won’t keep it for a long time.

Have questions related to your next campaign? Need advice? Contact our team, we are always there to help you.

Details About the surveys:


Survey One: When you receive free branded merchandise (pens, lanyards, T-shirts, etc), for how long do you keep it?


We asked 138 respondents living in the UK, to answer a question for how long they keep free branded merchandise since they receive it.




49.9% of people surveyed are female and 50.1% male. All adults age groups were included, with the percentage as follows:


18-24: 15.7%

25-34: 18.8%

35-44: 18.2%
45-54: 19.3%
55-64: 14.9%

65+: 13.1%


Geographical area

England: 127 respondents

Scotland: 26 respondents

Wales: 14 respondents

Northern Ireland: 12 respondents



This survey has RMSE score of 5.8%.


Survey two: What type of free merchandise do you keep longest?

We asked 133 respondents in the UK what type of free merch they keep the longest.



34.6% of people surveyed are female and 65.4% male. All adults age groups were included, with the percentage as follows:



18-24: 15.7%

25-34: 16.3%

35-44: 17.6%
45-54: 23.5%
55-64: 17.6%

65+: 20.9% 


Geographical area

England: 96 respondents

Scotland: 25 respondents

Wales: 11 respondents

Northern Ireland: 1 respondent



This survey has RMSE score of 8.9%.

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Sprout Pencil – A Unique Way to Market Your Growing Business

Want a quirky and sustainable marketing product?  The Sprout Pencil is a sustainable pencil that can actually be planted after use.  At the end of each pencil you’ll find a water-soluble seed capsule (instead of an eraser) that can be planted in soil. Use like a normal pencil, but when it becomes too short to write or colour with, just plant the pencil into some soil then watch it grow!

These would be great promotional products for mailing as they are very lightweight.  Also great for schools as an educational resource. They would also be great for garden centres and gift shops.

Choose from a wide choice of seed varieties to suit your promotional needs. We can supply: Sunflower, daisy, carnation, forget me not, cherry tomato, basil, thyme, sage, coriander and chia.


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Powerchargers/ Juice banks/ Power sticks


Give your clients a useful gift that they’ll be sure to never lose. Take a look at All In One Merchandise’s Powerchargers section, all you need for your powerchargers needs. We have a great range for a whole host of different clients -from a bamboo powercharger for the more bespoke look to a more effeminate lipstick powercharger. We have everyting you need to make sure your brand stands out – for all the right reasons!