Working With A Graphic Designer

If you’re fortunate to have access to an in-house creative studio, or out-source your design work to an agency, that’s fine. This should mean the artwork is supplied with all the fonts converted to outlines, the colours have their Pantone references included and the files are available in Ai, EPS or PDF format. From there, we can immediately get to work on bringing your design to life.

Using Our Graphic Design Service

But if you prefer, All In One Merchandise can manage this process for you.

We have an extensive database of experienced freelance designers, with whom we enjoy very competitive hourly rates. Better still, we only pay for their time as it’s used in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ scheme. This means you will almost certainly be paying considerably less for your design than out-sourcing to a high street agency.

So, if you have an idea in your head and want to make it come to life, let us help. Whether it’s developing a simple logo, visualising an item of merchandise, or a point of sale piece, we have the expertise and experience to make this process run smoothly.

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