Lip Care

Discover our great selection of promotional lip care products and accessories for lips to suit both your brand and budget. Our promotional lip products range offers flavoured promotional lip balms and printed lip gloss sticks, jars, and lanyards. Whether you require a plain stock lip balm, a  branded lip gloss, or SPF-rated premium lip protection we can find the right product for you.

Moreover, brands can personalise our lip products with a company logo or any design. Put your brand on your customer’s lips!

Our personalised lip balms include novelty and seasonal items alongside everyday essentials. Explore our selection of lip balm sticks, pots, and cremes to find the perfect product to meet your needs. We offer a pre-production proof of concept on all items before they enter mass production.

Branded products are invaluable tools. Associate your brand with an everyday essential through a personalised lip balm.

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