Why Choose Us?

Here are 5 good reasons why clients choose to work with us…..

1. We’re willing to accept any merchandise challenge that’s thrown at us. Whether it’s a one-off build, or purchasing one million units, we’ll always give it our best shot.

2. Our sourcing repertoire is considerably larger than the products featured on this web site. Quite simply, we can source and brand any item, in any colour or size. With access to factories across the globe, we’ll find whatever you want and put your logo on it

3. Furthermore, our services extend beyond procurement. For instance, our global network of designers will visualise your product. Or, we can store your products, re-pack and mail them to your customers in the UK or abroad.

4. Of course, our service is only as good as our suppliers….and over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop a trusted and reliable network that are willing to respond to your briefs quickly and competitively, with innovative ideas that will inspire you.

5. And finally, the two Directors have been working in this industry for more than 20 years. Over this time, we’ve received an extensive gambit of briefs, from the mundane, to the exciting and sometimes the downright weird. We’ve seen it, done it and earned the t shirt! So, feel free to approach us with your project…..ultimately, our aim is to create merchandise that will help your customers engage with your brand.


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