We offer both, custom-branded and bespoke mobile bar solutions. We offer multiple sizes and materials that will allow you to find a perfect mobile bar solution for your event or business.

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Custom mobile bars for inside use

We have a range of custom mobile bars that are designed for events that are held inside. As we don't have to worry about weather conditions when designing a bar for the inside, we can add more complex decorations, such as arches, lighting effects and even monitors for maximum effect. We offer both, battery and UK mains options to power your mobile bar illumination.

Custom mobile bars for outside use

Mobile bar for outside use requires some additional features mainly to protect the bar and its features from the elements. Depending on your requirements we will design a mobile bar to meet your transportation and usage requirements, making it an optimal tool for your business.

Custom portable bar carts for festivals

With years of experience supplying mobile bars to various brands for festivals, we have become a distinctive supplier in the UK who understands the intricacies of the industry. Our festival mobile bars are equipped with robust wheels, allowing for easy navigation on the often uneven festival grounds. Whether you need a budget-friendly lightweight bar for a single season or a durable and heavy bar that will withstand multiple years of use, we can cater to your specific requirements.

Materials options

We offer a wide range of materials for our mobile bars, including wood (such as cedar, mahogany, pine, oak, bamboo, plywood, and more), metals, and plastic. We have options available to suit any use case and budget.

Branding & decoration options

We offer multiple decoration options to make your mobile bar reflect your brand: bars can be painted in matching colours (PANTONE matching available) and the logo can be printed in full colour. Illuminated signs with your logo or slogan as well as LED signs can be incorporated into the design to get your bar noticed when the environment is dark.