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What Is a Nonic Pint Glass?

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In September of 1913, Hugo Pick of Albert Pick & Co. finalised a design for a new style of pint glass. This brand new glass featured a distinct bulge, one which Pick hoped would reduce breakages when spilled or stacking. On top of this, the new design would provide extra grip and make for easier cleaning. In 1914 Pick was awarded a patent for his glass – the nonic pint glass.

Although Pick’s patent would eventually fall through, the Nonic would go on to become one of the most popular pint glasses in the world. In the UK, the glass became commonplace in pubs across the country after WWII. To this day, the nonic has endured. Chances are you’ve drunk from a nonic yourself many times.

It isn’t hard to see why the nonic is still so popular. The nonic is a cost-effective option for bars and restaurants, an area where its resistance to breakage is put to good use. Here, it can be stacked and stored away safely without fear of chips or nicks. In addition, the glass’s design makes it a great option for most varieties of beer. The nonic is versatile, tough, and economical.

When it comes to your branding needs, the nonic offers a lot of free space for logos. Any design will stand out effectively when placed on this glass! If the nonic sounds like an ideal glass for your promotional needs, contact us today! An in-depth guide on each type of beer glass can be found here.