Basic Usherette Tray

Basic Usherette Tray

Description: The Usherette Tray can be fully branded to maximise the visual impact of the product. This includes a 4 location branding package and the optional extra of either branded flag(s) or a banner, plus optional branded strap. Combined, the vendor is fully visible making your product stand-out from the crowd.


Lightweight, strong design

Hold up to 10kg weight

Adjustable ergonomic harness for vendor’s comfort

Complete hands-free approach to customer service

Efficiently serve customers

Fully branded option

Available in 15 colours

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Get your product into the hands of the public using our drink and food sampling equipment. There are thirst packs of various sizes and food trays that allow promotional staff to wander around a venue and quickly serve the public, taking the pressure off permanent bars. Brand any of these with your logo because branded is best! Give your logo maximum visibility at events.


Usherette Tray Branding Dimensions:
Front of Tray – 420x53mm (landscape)
Money Tray or Money Tray Attachment Section – 230x53mm (landscape)
Side of Tray x 2 – 140x70mm (landscape)
Branded Banner (double-sided) (optional extra) – 210x450mm (landscape)