Various Sizes Of Promotional Bamboo Straws
Branded Bamboo Straws with Logo
Various Sizes Of Promotional Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Pulp Straws

Description: Our personalised bamboo pulp straws are an ideal way to promote your brand while helping the environment! These fantastic straws retain their shape in liquid after 24 hours, unlike paper. 

Diameters: 6mm, 8mm,10mm, 12mm

Lengths: 150mm, 200mm, 240mm

Minimum order quantity: 500000.

Print area: Across the straws.

Lead time: Please enquire.

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Our Bamboo Pulp Straws are superior to paper straws in every way! While paper straws are more eco-friendly than plastic, they will often dissolve or become soggy very quickly within drinks. Our promotional bamboo straws will maintain their shape for over 24 hours, and function just like plastic straws! Paper straws could end up harming the rainforest in the long run, so bamboo is both more practical and environmentally conscious.

Manufacturing Bamboo Pulp


These straws begin as bamboo seeds in the lush Chinese province of Sichuan, home of the Giant Panda. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the face of the Earth. In just 3-4 months, bamboo becomes fully grown without any pesticides, fertilisers, or other supplements. From there, the plant is harvested and pulped, and formed into the amazing straws you see here! Our bamboo pulp straws are then transported via ship. Finally, their mission complete, these straws are entirely biodegrabale and can be composted or recycled.


These products reduce deforestation and the impact of climate change while producing more oxygen than hardwood trees. These promotional eco products are customisable to fit your brief! Apply any logo or branding to these products to create your own bespoke merchandise!

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