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A Cardboard Waterproof Festival Tent – Perfect for the Upcoming Festival Season

Here’s a new product we think is perfect for the upcoming festival season – A temporary festival tent made entirely out of cardboard. The cardboard allows for easy recycling of the tent after the festival. The tent can go directly to the paper recycling!

We really like this idea as so many festival goers don’t want to break down their tents so end up leaving them at festivals after use and they ultimately end up in landfill.

Of course, the tent is resistant to water. It is a high-quality cardboard with long woodfibers. The design of the tent ensures that water and humidity is no problem. The material blocks sunlight and rain so it’s perfect for a 3 day festival.

But of course the tent can also be branded! Because it is cardboard, it can be easily printed. This mainly gives opportunities to festival organisations and sponsors to spread their message on the tent. And a sponsored tent is not so bad for the festival-goer either, because sleeping becomes a lot cheaper that way!