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All In One Toob

The All In One Toob is the new innovative way of accessorizing to the max. Either travelling, at a festival or just out and about the All In One Toob will give you multiple looks to suit all events. From head bands to balaclava, Alice band to wrist band, the stylish yet simple All In One Toob is durable made from high quality material to comfort all people – a perfect addition to your merchandise. We tried it out… and it was just as versatile as we thought!

From Left to Right

  1. Scarf
  2. Alice Band
  3. Bandana
  4. Wristband
  5. Headband
  6. Balaclava
  7. Desert cap
  8.  Hair Tidy
  9. Bank Robber
  10. Hairband
  11. Neckerchief
  12. Skull Cap