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Custom Flight Earphones

Flight Earphones

Custom made flight earphones are perfect for travel. Containing special air pressure-balancing filters, they reduce loud background noise, like turbine and engine sounds. What’s more, the earphones also balance the differences in air pressure levels.

  • MOQ: 10 units
  • Prices from: £269.00 includes branding, but excludes fitting
  • Leadtime: 2 weeks

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Create Your Own Custom Made Flight Earphones

Using single driver Inner Ear Monitor (IEM) technology, the custom made flight earphones provide the best sound. The earphones fit so perfectly inside your ear, you can lie with your head flat whilst sleeping. This unique fit makes them discreet, lightweight and compact. convenient for travelling without losing any audio performance. The custom flight range is so comfortable, you will forget you’re even wearing them! You will experience detailed audio with incredible dynamics and a balanced expressive feel. The durable design in soft medical grade silicone is fitted with a Black Teflon Y-cable and removable filters. This makes your flight earphones easy to clean and maintain. Use our choice of colours for an added personal touch and to quickly separate the left from the right.

Branding Information

Brands can customise the custom flight with any name and logo. If you don’t have a logo but you have ideas in mind, take a look at our creative services here.