True Wireless Twins
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True Wireless Twins

True Wireless Earphones

If you are looking for total freedom, then the Custom True Wireless is for you. With no wires and no fuss, you will have the ultimate portable listening experience. As you’d expect from our flagship product, the True Wireless offers you the very best functionality and audio quality.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • No wires, total freedom
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Superb sound quality
  • MOQ: 15 units
  • Prices from: £179.00 includes branding, but excludes fitting
  • Leadtime: 2 weeks











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 Create Your Own True Wireless Earphones

The Jabees BTwin earphones offer you the ultimate portable listening experience. The bespoke True Wireless earphones are made just for you. With no wires and no fuss, you will experience complete freedom. The earpieces have a durable design to ensure everyday use. You can use them as a pair or separately if you need to be aware of your surroundings. This product is great for walking, jogging, hiking and beyond! Your earpieces will never fall out. The True Wireless earphones also include a microphones for making calls whilst on the go. The earphones feature the signature Jabees superb sound quality. Deep, powerful bass and crystal-clear treble. The high-quality acoustics make the True Wireless great for listening to soundtracks, audio books, relaxing sounds and even heavy bass music.

Branding Information

Brands can customise the True Wireless with any name and logo. If you don’t have a logo but you have ideas in mind, take a look at our creative services here.