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Prepared For Freshers Fayre?

Fresher Fayre Promo Items

Freshers Fayre

Freshers Fayre is one of the biggest and most memorable experiences at the beginning of every academic year. It is also the best opportunity for your university club or society to gain membership. So when the flood gates open, you need to be prepared. Remember all students are potential members. Here are some tips for the day:

  • Make your stand/stall stand out from the crowd with attractive branded banners or posters
  • Promote your club or society in a fun and unique way with a huge range of branded items and giveaways
  • Wear branded clothing or accessories outside and around the Freshers Fayre tent to further your reach and increase presence to all students
  • Hand out informative flyers
  • Make a rota so that your stand/stall always has a representative to welcome potential members
  • Be friendly. enthusiastic and you will hit your membership targets easily!

Promotional Products

At AIOM we can offer a huge range of customizable products. Therefore we can help you find an item unique to your club or society. In addition if you need an order urgently, we can help by providing a fast turnaround service of 5 only days.

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