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It’s National Pet Day – Promotional Pet Accessory Gift Ideas

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April 11th is National Pet Day!

We undoubtedly love our pets every day. But National Pet Day is all about giving some extra love to our little furry or scaly friends! It’s also a day to think about how we can help other animals who may not receive as much attention as they should. The UK’s Pet Food Management Association estimates that the pet population for 2018 is approximately 54 million! There are many ways to help less fortunate pets as well as our own. One great way is to support organisations or local shelters. This can be by giving donations or providing them with useful supplies and gifts. If you are a business owner who has a lot of pet-loving employees, why not treat your staff’s companions to a new toy or treat? Here are a few promotional pet accessory gift ideas that will help spread the animal love today.

Promotional Pet Accessory Gift Ideas

Pet Saftey Products

Two great choices for pet safety products are the dog car safety belt and the dog hi-vis waistcoat. These pet accessories are perfect for a business owner or veterinary practice who wants to promote pet safety.

There are many people who drive with their pets in the car with them. I am one of them. My Lilly is a #frontseatrider! Some pet owners are worried to take dogs in the car. By law, our pets must be restrained securely for their own safety and so that they don’t distract you from the road.

Car Safety Dog Belt Car Safety Dog Belt

Hi-vis Waistcoat on Dog Hi-vis Waistcoat on Dog

You must only use the promotional dog car safety belt in conjunction with a harness. One side clips onto the harness and the other, into your car seat belt buckles. The dog car safety belt is a new product, coming soon! It will be available in various colour and can be personalised in one colour, to one side.

Dog Car Safety Belt on Dog Dog Car Safety Belt on Dog

Personalised Food Can Lids

If you can’t cover a food tin properly, you will end up wasting food. Keep your precious pet’s food fresh with our handy food tin covers.

Silicon Food Sealer Lids Silicon Food Sealer Lids

Pet Food Can Lid Pet Food Can Lid

Branded Pet First Aid Kits

Branded pet first aid kits ensure you have everything you need just in case your furry friend get’s injured. It is a must-have piece of equipment for any office or home with a pet. This product will help you show that you care for your animal staff members, just as much as your human ones! If you are pet daycare or grooming facility, your customers will feel comforted knowing that their animals are in safe hands.

MyKit Pet First Aid Kit MyKit Pet First Aid Kit

There are so many pet accessories and treats that can be useful to any business. As mentioned earlier, there is a huge pet population, 45% of which live in UK households. By branding pet-related products, you are ensuring that your brand, your business or an animal shelter’s name ends up in the right place. Ultimately, in homes of people who care for animals and who will appreciate your message. Take Metro Bank for example. Metro bank was founded by a dog lover, Vernon Hill. The founder shared his love for pets by offering new customers an array of pet merchandise to take home to their dear ones. The business is also a big supporter of Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. Each branch is dog-friendly and you can even pop in and pick up a tasty biscuit pet treat!

For more pet accessories, take a look at our full range here. If you would like further information, give the team a call on 01727 223310 or contact us here.