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Most Popular Gin Glasses

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Here at All In One Merchandise we have over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. Throughout this time we have seen various trends come and go, but have also seen many products that are truly evergreen. Among the pantheon of eternally popular merchandising options stands glassware, in particular gin glasses.

Drinking is a basic human function – and many would argue that drinking alcohol is as well! Gin is an immensely popular drink, and promotional gin glasses have proven themselves to be incredibly effective promotional merchandise. This article will reveal the most popular gin glasses within our catalogues, helping you decide on the perfect glassware for your next promotional campaign!

Havana Gin Glass


Havana gin glass

The Havana gin glass is an exceedingly common sight in many bars and restaurants, and for good reason. This glass is stylish and versatile, capable of serving a wide selection of cocktails. The large bowl provides ample space for ice and garnishes.

This style of glass is considered the supreme way to enjoy a G&T. The shape of the glass is designed to prevent ice from melting quickly and diluting your drink.

Juniper Gin Glass

Juniper gin glass

The Juniper boasts a rounder, larger bowl than most other gin glasses. This large bowl gives the beverage within more room to breathe and accentuates its aroma and flavour. In addition, the Juniper is durable and sturdy, ideal for use in busy pubs and clubs.

Finally, this extra large bowl provides even more space for all your favourite garnishes! The Juniper is a fantastic choice for the hospitality industry.

Amsterdam Gin Glass

Amsterdam Gin Glass


The first glass on our list to not feature a stem, the Amsterdam’s simplicity has made it iconic. Still featuring plenty of space for ice and garnish due to its height, this glass has another added benefit. Highball glasses such as the Amsterdam keep carbonated drinks fizzier for longer thanks to their reduced surface area.

Outside of gin, a wide range of cocktails would go down a treat when served in this glass. If you’re looking for elegant, simple and practical, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

Vina Balloon Glass

Vina balloon glass

The Vina Balloon glass may at first glance appear to be a wine glass with a shorter stem. This is hardly surprising considering that the Vina Balloon aims to utilise many of the same benefits offered by wine glasses, chiefly the amplification of scent and flavour.

What’s more, the Vina Balloon is also perfectly viable as a wine glass in and of itself! This versatile glass is popular due to this flexibility.

Vigne Highball Glass

vigne highball

The final stemless glass on our list is the Vigne Highball. This glass bares some similarity to the simple brilliance of the Amsterdam, albeit with an incredibly subtle curve. Like the aforementioned Amsterdam, this glass works exceedingly well with a variety of cocktails and keeps carbonated drinks fizzy.

In exchange for a small amount of space, the glass’s curve helps to slightly funnel the aroma of your drink towards you as you sip. The Vigne Highball offers a tempting alternative to the ever-popular Amsterdam.

Thin Stem Gin Glass

Thin Stem Gin Glass

The Thin Stem is, like the Vina Balloon, very reminiscent of a wine glass. Also like the former, the Thin Stem is versatile enough to function especially well as a wine glass in general. This glass differs in its more rounded bowl, which helps the experience of drinking with amplified fragrance and flavours.

The especially thin stem is not only attractive, but also particularly helpful in preventing your drink from warming up. Stems on glasses are designed specifically for this purpose, holding onto a stem instead of the bowl slows the warming of the drink via body temperature. The longer and thinner a stem, the more time your beverage has at the perfect temperature!