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What Is a Nucleated Glass?

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The nucleated glass is becoming an increasingly common sight within the hospitality industry. These impressive glasses are simple and effective ways of enhancing the experience of drinking a variety of different beverages.

Put simply, nucleated glasses contain markings on the base (that are very often branded) to aid in nucleation. These markings are actually tiny pits known as points of nucleation. Due to their shape, these points cause gas within drinks to be released with greater ease. As a result, carbonated drinks produce more bubbles and the taste and aroma of drinks are amplified. All manner of drinks can benefit from a nucleated glass.

Beer and Cider Glasses

A pint of beerBeer glasses are the most common type of nucleated glasses. The glasses improve the head of beer and increase the strength of its unique aroma, making a nucleated glass an ideal choice for any beer that features a strong scent. The downside of the nucleated glass is that the increased production of CO2 bubbles will lead to beer going flatter quicker. Any beer that has a high ABV or is intended to be nursed over a longer period of time, therefore, isn’t ideal for nucleated glasses. Beers that are intended to be enjoyed quickly, however, will work exceedingly well.

Cider benefits from nucleated glasses in a similar way to beer. Any carbonated cider is perfect in a nucleated glass due to the increased production of bubbles within the beverage. A high ABV cider that is enjoyed slowly won’t benefit much from a nucleated glass. The cider will go flat quicker as CO2 production increases because of the points of nucleation.

Champagne Glasses

Glass of champagneChampagne is a perfect choice for use with a nucleated glass. Specifically, the points of nucleation enhance the bubbles of this sparkling wine exceedingly well, alongside the aroma and taste.

Champagne is not as commonly associated with nucleated glasses as beer. Despite this, nucleated champagne glasses are likely to become an ever more popular option as more discover the benefits they provide.

Sparkling Cocktails

A glass of Gin and TonicCampagne has proven to be a great fit for these specialised glasses, and so it should come as no surprise that sparkling cocktails are also an ideal pick. Any cocktail that includes champagne or soda water as an ingredient will benefit greatly from a nucleated glass.

Some notable sparkling cocktails that would be ideal are the Kir Royale, the Mimosa, and the classic Gin and Tonic. Any booze with bubbles will be right at home in a nucleated glass.

Sparkling Mineral Water and Fizzy Drinks

A glass of sparkling waterNucleated glasses may be mostly associated with alcohol, but there is nothing preventing them from being used with non-alcoholic drinks as well. The glasses enhance sparkling mineral water, cola, lemonade, and all manner of other fizzy drinks.







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