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Techy Tuesday – Sports Water Bottle Speaker

Promotional Bluetooth Sports Water Bottle Speaker

It’s Techy Tuesday – What’s trending in the world of Personalised gadgets and gizmos?

For this week’s Techy Tuesday post, we’re not bringing you just any promotional sports bottle. This product is so much more! This sports water bottle speaker will keep you both hydrated and entertained whilst promoting your brand. The 2-in-1 product saves packing space and is a great accessory when biking, hiking, working out or just taking a casual stroll.

The Promotional Bluetooth Sports Water Bottle Speaker

This 500ml bottle is made from ABS / Tritan plastic so it is both reusable and long-lasting. The bottle features a colour rubber band which is available in four different colours. Red, lime green, cobalt blue and light grey. The bottom component of the bottle (the holder) has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with approximately 90 minutes playing time. What’s more, the product has four different branding options so that you can promote your business in just the right way.

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